Birthday Parties for Kids in Davis, Ca & Beyond!


Photo Credit: GoalGetters

If you are looking for a birthday party venue for your kiddo where someone else will do the set up and clean up, check out our list below! Did we miss your favorite party spot or your business? Leave us a comment below and we will add it to our list.
 Name Location Price Website
City of Davis Downtown Davis  $140 Fee
Davis Diamonds South Davis $200+!parties/c1g40
Rocknasium Downtown Davis $144+
Manor Pool East Davis $121/hr+
Arroyo Pool West Davis $129/hr +
Swim America East Davis $295+!parties/cwly
Kids Gone Wild Vacaville $175+
Davis Paintball East Davis $240+
GoalGetters $225 Fee
Jack Slaven Park Reservation Woodland $20/Hr+
Yolo Berry Downtown Davis $200+
The Good Scoop Downtown Davis $150+
Every Baking Moment Downtown Dixon $60+
A Better Place to Bead Downtown Davis $80+
ArtBeast Midtown Sacramento 275+
Museums and Amusement
Explorit Science Center East Davis $175+
California State Railroad Museum Old Town Sacramento $300+
Funderland Land Park, Sacramento $160+
Sacramento Zoo Land Park, Sacramento $200+
FairyTale Town Land Park, Sacramento $210+
Sacramento Children's Museum Rancho Cordova $225+
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Parks Feature: Village Park, Davis CA

Village Park provides a lot of shade and two great play structures, one for toddlers and one for elementary age children. There is easy access to the park from the bike path. Village park also features several picnic tables where neighbors have been known to get together for potlucks.


919 Arnold Street, Davis Ca 95618 (Intersection of Arnold Street & Concord Avenue) 

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