5 Mistakes Real Estate Investors Should Avoid

When it comes to investing, making mistakes hurts more than your ego. It also impacts your wallet. Many real estate mistakes can be avoided and in this article we take a closer look at some of the best ways to avoid investment blunders. Real Estate Mistake Number One – “I’m Going to Get Rich Quick!” The vast majority of the time real estate investors who approach investing with a “get rich quick” mentality will discover that they are indeed in for a shock. Real estate investing can make you rich, but it won’t happen overnight. As you likely already know, approaching real estate with a get rich mindset will likely only lead to depression and failure. Real Estate Mistake Number Two – Falling in Love Even the most seasoned of investors can fall in love with an investment. In the realm of real estate, a given property might have a personal appeal for even...
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Good News to Share

Hello, I was sincerely humbled recently. A good friend and client Heidy Kellison wrote an article that was published in the Davis Enterprise. She spoke about her experience of working with me on multiple real estate transactions. I wanted to share her story with you. If you are a client, I hope you feel your experience is similar. If you are not a client yet, I look forward to the opportunity to live up to (and exceed) Heidy’s impression of me. Thank you, Heidy! I couldn’t be more flattered. Davis Enterprise: Personal Shopper: I’m Sold on Skaggs By Heidy Kellison Among all the advantages of my current age range, I mostly value being able to speak my mind like a Trump impersonator. The only differences are 1) I’m not running for the presidency, 2) I’m not a Republican, and 3) I usually try to communicate at a ninth-grade level or above. The simple truth is I...
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