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I was sincerely humbled recently. A good friend and client Heidy Kellison wrote an article that was published in the Davis Enterprise. She spoke about her experience of working with me on multiple real estate transactions. I wanted to share her story with you. If you are a client, I hope you feel your experience is similar. If you are not a client yet, I look forward to the opportunity to live up to (and exceed) Heidy’s impression of me.

Thank you, Heidy! I couldn’t be more flattered.

Davis Enterprise: Personal Shopper: I’m Sold on Skaggs
By Heidy Kellison

Among all the advantages of my current age range, I mostly value being able to speak my mind like a Trump impersonator. The only differences are 1) I’m not running for the presidency, 2) I’m not a Republican, and 3) I usually try to communicate at a ninth-grade level or above.

The simple truth is I love my freedom of speech and exercise it frequently on these pages. Yet over the years, I’ve avoided one business out of fear.

Since November is my birthday month, I’m no longer stifling my truth: Andrew Skaggs of Coldwell Banker is an excellent real estate agent, and I recommend him without reservation.

Saying such a nice thing about somebody else shouldn’t be a source of anxiety, but as any Davisite knows, many fine agents enrich our community. Not only that, most of us have several close friends in the profession. Without question, there’s no shortage of capable representation, but given the infrequency of transactions, there’s little ability to spread the love. It’s not as if the title “real estate mogul” is congruent with my résumé — yet another distinction between the entertainer (above) and me.

With only a handful of Davis-based real estate transactions over the years (the most recent in August), my exposure is limited. Nonetheless, I know quality when I see it — exactly what I’ve experienced with Andrew since our first deal in 2006.

Here are the top things I love about Andrew:

* Honesty. If expectations in price, inconvenience, patience or devotion to personal decor are impractical, he’ll deliver the news directly and gently. He’ll also help you cope. As a free service to all of his listings, Andrew summons the support of local stager Ann Marty. With a few modest touches, she performs miracles.

* Equilibrium. When talking so many zeroes and attaching them to my home, I’m a manic ball of nerves. By extension, my family eyes the exits. Andrew brings us all back from the edge and steadies the process (even when some clients phone in tearful fits).

* Reliability. Andrew’s knack for treating clients as if nothing else matters is undeniable. He fixes problems on a moment’s notice, answers questions at all hours, and often calls just to check in. On multiple occasions, he’s even completed small, nonessential repairs and tended general upkeep.

* Discernment. I’ll go out on a limb and suggest no one is his or her best in the midst of a transaction. A master at dealing with multiple personalities, neither side is the wiser about those less desirable characteristics.
* Savvy. When it’s time to pull a deal together, I have full faith in Andrew’s instincts to negotiate ethically and with strength, all while maintaining peace among the parties.

* Humanity. Just because escrow closes and the moving vans pull away doesn’t mean you’re on your own. Months later, Andrew still checks in to make sure we’re happy with our purchase.

Without question, there are many good Davis agents. I’ve been on the other side of deals involving professionals Cory Gold and Jamie Madison, for example, and know they operate with the highest standards. There are others with whom I’ve not had the good fortune to work and, given how much I hate moving, likely never will.

No matter whom you choose, always look for an agent like Andrew — a top-shelf producer whose practices serve as a model to others. Reach him at 530-681-8888.

Sourced from The Davis Enterprise

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