Preparing to Sell Your Home


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The amount of preparation needed for selling a home varies greatly on the size and type of your property. Follow our five easy steps for a smooth and successful sale.

#1 Contact a Realtor : A licensed realtor can guide you in your decision to sell your home and provide a precise comparative market analysis. Make sure you work with someone who is an expert in the local market. Andrew Skaggs has been a realtor and real estate investor locally since 1996. He has the team and the broad network of professionals to make your sale a smooth process.

#2 Curb Appeal : Get them in the door: Clean up any yard debris and consider painting surfaces that are showing wear and tear. Adding a few new plants can often make your entry appear fresh and clean.

#3 Repair & Spruce : Prioritize home repairs that are both visible and invisible to the buyer’s eye. Spackle and paint over holes in the wall, replace fixtures that are no longer working or are outdated. Make sure that electrical, plumbing, and HVAC are all in good, working condition.

#4 Declutter & Depersonalize : Clean and clear spaces make buyers feel at home and they start to imaging themselves in the home. Your family photos or personal momentos hinder the buyer’s ability to see themselves in the home. Pack away extra items that you don’t use on a daily basis. Put away family photos and personalized items for the sales cycle.

#5 Stage– Removing excess or bulky furniture can help showcase the floorplan and potential space of your home. Many times, properties can benefit from the analysis of a professional stager. Their inventory of furniture and accessories to best highlight your the features of your property. If you are unsure where to begin, don’t worry, we have a stager on speed dial!

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